Celebrating a killing is not human(e). Osama- that’s heinous murder, terrorism. Obama is the new Bin Laden

Celebrating a human being dead or killed is not acceptable. It is not human.
Osama Bin Laden ought have been brought to justice before a court of law in a fair trial and sentenced ( to life imprsonment) just as democracy and rule of law and human rights demand it.
Killing him – ordering him killed- and rejoicing about it- is base mischievous detestable subhuman murder, homicide. Obama ordering the murder of Anyone- Osama- is terrorism.
And by the way, Osama Bin Laden, Taliban, Al Qaada are part and product of the CIA-so the terrorists – CIA. FBI; NSA, Homeland Security US Army etc.are still around, out and; about. There’s no victory against terrorism if you don’t tackle, ban, dissolve, punish, the CIA FBI NSA, Homeland Security and US army. And all other secret services- FSB Mossad, BND, MI5 MI6.

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