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Under the current system of “first past the post”, two thirds of MPs elected in 2010 did not have the majority support of their constituents  – in other words most people got the MP they did not want! This cannot be right and is profoundly undemocratic.

The following points make the case for AV:

Under AV redrawing of constituency boundaries becomes unnecessary ( money will be saved therefore and political gerrymandering prevented)

Under AV extreme and diversive candidates/parties are less likely    to gain power as they are unlikely to get many 2nd preference votes.

The need for tactical voting is eliminated and voters know that their vote (even through a second or third choice) will count somewhere – every vote really does count under the AV system!

AV lessens the need for negative campaigning, i.e. attacking other candidates, because you may need the votes of their supporters to get elected.

AV is already used in the leadership elections for the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties and a form of it for the Conservative Party leadership election.

AV is used in the House of Commons to elect UK parliamentary officials including the Chairman of Select Committees.

Interestingly, AV, the Alternative Vote, is used by the committee that awards the Oscars, the Academy Awards for Best Pictures.

AV has been used for more than 80 years in parliamentary voting in Australia.

AV is already used by millions to vote in membership organisatons, businesses and trade union internal elections and in most Student Union elections.

And lastly the AV system is used to elect the Irish President and in the USA for most City, Mayoral and district elections.

via Change For Life: Peter Clifford Online.

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