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Hannover Tiltshifts


I have made my first tiltshifts using Tiltshiftmaker.com















Hannover 2010 from New Town Hall tower


Hannover city models and panorama from New Town Hall dome 2010









_DSC2662 (2)



















Macht Worte Poetry Slam Opernhaus Hannover 2010


Ban plastic bags – in Edinburgh : The Edinburgh Reporter

Edinburgh is set to be the first Scottish city to work towards banning the use of plastic bags in our shops. At a meeting of the Transport, Infrastructure and Environment committee of the council last week, Councillor Alison Johnstone  proposed a scheme that will reward customers who choose to avoid using plastic bags. This scheme was first introduced and successfully run by Greener Leith and was highlighted in the Guardian Edinburgh blog.

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Google Music Beta invites received, but were you invited to the party? | Electricpig

Email inboxes are sounding with celebration this afternoon as some users are reporting their invite for Google Music Beta has arrived. Armed with an Android 2.2 smartphone (or higher), web browser or tablet, you’ll be off to races, ready to start uploading your library to the musical cloud

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Coffee Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk

If you are male and drink coffee regularly, at least six cups per day, your chances of developing prostate cancer will be lower, and your risk of getting the more lethal form of prostate cancer that has spread to the bone is 60% less than men who never or rarely drink coffee, say scientists from the Harvard School of Public health.

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One Per Cent: Android users risk data leak on open Wi-Fi

Android users risk exposing their Google calendars, contacts and other personal details when logging on to unencrypted Wi-Fi networks, say researchers at the University of Ulm in Germany. A weakness in ClientLogin, the authentication system used to access Google services, means that 99.7 per cent of Android smartphones could be attacked.

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Heresy Corner: Ken Clarke’s ignorance of the law

Justice Secretary Ken Clarke got himself into trouble on the radio this morning with his remarks about rape, which appeared to suggest (oh the heresy) that not all rapes were of equal severity and that some rapes might therefore attract different levels of sentencing.When pressed to justify his comments, he produced this example:If an 18-year-old has sex with a 15-year-old and she is perfectly willing that is rape, because she is under age, she can’t consent, anybody who has sex with a 15 year old it’s rape. Now this is legally incorrect. While the age of consent in the UK is 16, non-coercive sex in which one (or both) partners is 15 is not rape. It is unlawful sexual intercourse. Under s9 of the 2003 Sexual Offences Act, if one party is over 18 – the situation Ken Clarke described – it is defined as “sexual activity with a child”. Under s5 it IS rape if the child is under thirteen

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‘Roof topping’ gives photographer unique angles on the city – thestar.com

‘Roof topping’ gives photographer unique angles on the city – thestar.com.