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This is a house that moves and that can hide in case of tornado and flood. Contemporary architecture reminds me some old sci fi illustrated books i used to watch when I was young. This is by 10 Design.

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The Lantern Room

Here is a photograph of Anvil Point Lighthouse situated on the Dorset Coast near Swanage, Dorset UK. I took a few photographs of the Lighthouse from various positions including up close just outside the gates. This one was taken in the late afternoon from a seat which looked down onto the Lighthouse. The light was nice and soft but it was extremely windy and I had a real job trying to hold the camera steady. I just had to try and get a couple of shots including the little yacht which was navigating its way past the rocks in a very strong wind.

I converted the image to B&W as it ‘ties’ the Lighthouse and its buildings to the yacht in a stronger way. The soft silver-blue sea and greenery surrounding the Lighthouse took some of the attention away from the yacht.

I have what might be called a Lighthouse…

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Study of Light

This is taken looking up at the “Wall of Steel” at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, England. It is a display of historical and medieval weaponry and armour. At the top is a glass staircase.

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The Living Room

The world we live in now is in such a precarious state.

What we are observing  is not just fundamental changes to the way we used to live -moreover,  the sweeping changes affect the very structures that have influenced our values over the centuries.  Institutions like the church, the monetary system, nations and their boundaries are all crumbling. And so is the meaning of political systems, hierarchy, information  and democratic decision making. The importance of doing satisfying work opposed to holding a job to pay the bills, the move towards voluntary contributions to society and welfare, the significance of equality and freedom are taking priority, as well as the impact of our contribution to the whole – may it be small and seemingly meaningless, are undoubtedly on the rise.

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Financial Post | Business

By Andreas KrJoner

FRANKFURT — German Chancellor Angela Merkel bluntly rejected eurozone bonds on Thursday as a solution to the currency area’s sovereign debt crisis, saying that “collectivising debts” would not solve the problem.

The European Union’s top economic official, meanwhile, said he expected international lenders to be able to recommend by the end of the month releasing a vital next tranche of aid for Greece, warding off the threat of an imminent default.

Spain and France both found good demand for their bonds at auctions, but while Paris’ short-term borrowing costs fell, Madrid had to pay dearly to sell longer-term debt despite support from the European Central Bank in the secondary market.

Speaking a day after the head of the European Commission raised financial market hopes by pledging to present options soon for issuing such common bonds, Merkel said: “Eurobonds are absolutely wrong.

”In order to bring about common…

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