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Courtesy of Henn Architects

Henn Architects have won the first prize in the international competition to design the Haikou Tower in Haikou, China. via Archdaily

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Recollections 54 The Art of David Tripp

This first eleven-hour day of a four-day art festival is rough on a guy who only had two hours of sleep.  The crowds have been O.K., conversations sporadic, and sales super-slow.  I’m glad I brought along my Winsor & Newton watercolor field box along with some basic supplies.  While sitting in a lawn chair, I’ve had a long and steady look at the shops across the street, facing my art booth.  Finally, I took out the supplies and began work on this sketch.  I first sketched the brick edifice with pencil in my sketchbook, then growing dissatisfied with the lack of color, decided to get out my D’Arches block and begin a watercolor sketch.  It has certainly helped the time pass a little better.

Thanks for reading.  I wonder if I should bring additional resources for painting again tomorrow?

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